​​Our mission, vision and principles

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Our mission is to secure the best possible health and care services for the population that we serve, specifically in primary care settings and in hospitals as necessary. In doing this, we will work with patients and the wider public to develop the services that we offer, reduce health inequalities and improve health outcomes.

Our principles:​​​

We will improve quality and quality of patient experience by: 

  • Improving health outcomes with a relentless focus on the seven main health conditions and diseases in Greenwich and using evidence based approaches. 

  • Reducing health inequalities by taking a preventative, proactive approach and focusing on the health needs of black and minority ethnic communities and 'hard to reach groups'. 

  • Simplifying clinical care pathways to ensure better quality care through aligned incentives and integrated approaches and services. 

  • Encouraging self-management of conditions wherever possible to reduce avoidable hospital admissions and to increase patients' confidence using evidenced based measures and adopting best practice. 

  • Improving collaboration to harness economies of scale and scope in order to do more or better with available resources in the future through closer integration with Social Care, Public health and other partners. 

  • Ensuring service development is better connected to and wraps around primary care by commissioning service improvements that link to clinical processes in primary care. 

  • Managing demand effectively through referral management, seeking to support patients to make pathway choices and make best use of services in the community. 

  • Judicious use of integration and competition to enhance quality and offer more choice, increasing choice through the 'Any Qualified Provider' policy and other commissioning innovations.