Transforming primary care in Greenwich 

Primary care services and particularly local GP Surgeries are the first point of contact in the healthcare system for residents.  

From the 1 April 2017 NHS England delegated to NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group the authority to exercise the primary care commissioning functions set out in Schedule 2, in accordance with section 13z, of the NHS Act 2006, (as amended). From that date, NHS Greenwich CCG became responsible for the design, shaping and commissioning of local general practices, on behalf of NHS England.

This arrangement allows us to work more closely with general practice, help improve primary care services and support delivery of our 2018-2022 Commissioning Strategy.

Meetings of the Greenwich Primary Care Commissioning Committee 

As part of this full delegation of primary care responsibilities, regular meetings of the Greenwich Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) take place in public,

The PCCC is a committee of the CCG Governing Body and functions as the decision making body for the management of the delegated functions and the exercise of delegated powers as set out in the NHS Greenwich CCG Constitution and Scheme of Delegation. Healthwatch Greenwich have a key role on the committee. 

The remit and responsibilities of the Committee includes:

  • Planning primary medical services (including carrying out and responding to local needs assessments).
  • Reviewing and seeking to improve and support the development of local general practice.
  • Managing and ensuring the commissioning of good quality services within the budgets available to pay for them.

Papers for the Committee are available from the CCG website five working days before the scheduled meeting. 

These are meetings held in public and members of the public are welcome to attend. The public can submit questions in advance by emailing Lauren Meager, stating which meeting and agenda item the question refers to. 

Next PCCC in public

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting on 11 September 2019 has been cancelled due to there being no Part 1 business.  The next Primary Care Commissioning Committee Meeting Part 1 will be on 27 November 2019, at 10am, in The Gallery, The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6ND

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2019 05 22  DRAFT Action log PCCC  Part 1.pdf
DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 22 05 2019.pdf
Item  9 Enc G  PCN Update.pdf
Item 12 Enc H -  Patient Leaflet V0.1 to be translated into Nepalese.pdf
Item 5 Greenwich Month 3 Budget Report.pdf
Item 7 Enc E Briset Corner eDEC Breach.pdf
Item 9  Appendix 1.pdf
2019 06 03  DRAFT Action log PCCC  Part 1.pdf
Appendix 1 Fairfield Boundaries SE7 and full SE18.jpg
Appendix 2 Fairfield Inner and Outer Boundaries 1.jpg
DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 06 03 2019.pdf
PCCC Cover Paper Fairfield Outer Boundary Reduction Enc C.pdf
SEL Narrative - Mth 12 18_19 Enc B.pdf
Appendix Greenwich Primary Care Dashboard March PCCC 2019.pdf
Enc G Greenwich PCCC Primary Care Report March 2019 final vn2.pdf
GP contract summary and draft 2019-20 timelines.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Agenda Part 1 for 06.03.19.pdf
PCCC-20180306-DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 07 11 2018 final.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc C Appendix 1.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc C Covering Paper Appendix 1.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc D - Trinity MC RI V4.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc D Appendix 2.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc E  App A 1 RAMC Revised Business Case_Partnership Contract Variation_Final V2.pdf
PCCC-20180306-Enc H GP At Hand.pdf
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2018 09 05 DRAFT Action log PCCC - Part 1.pdf
DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 07 11 2018 final.pdf
Enc B Friends and Family Test Update.pdf
Enc D Healthwatch Report Accessing GP Services in Greenwich.pdf
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PCCC Agenda Part 1 for 07.11.18.pdf
2018 0509 Item 12 GPFV Reslience Funding.pdf
2018 0509 Item 14  Consultation Documents.pdf
2018 0509 Item 8 APMS Clover Mobilisaition.pdf
2018 0509 July Budget Report.xlsx
2018 0509 PCCC Agenda Part 1 for 05.09.18.pdf
2018 0509 DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 04 07 2018.pdf
2018 June Greenwich Primary Care Quality Dashboard 04.06.18.pdf
2018 June Item 11 Resilience Funding 04.06.18.pdf
2018 June Item 7 Quality Dashboard 04.06.18.pdf
2018 June PCCC Agenda Part 1 04.06.18.pdf
2018 June DRAFT Minutes PCCC Part 1 28 March 2018 04.06.18.pdf
Item 4 Vanburgh Vote.pdf
Item 7 Encl D - Plumbridge MC CQC RI.PDF
Item 9 Encl F - Eltham Park Eltham MC Proposed Merger.pdf
PCCC Agenda Part 1 for 28.03.18.pdf
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