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Greenwich CCG is considering changes to its policy for routine referrals for “elective” surgery

  • Do you agree that smo​kers should be required to quit smoking before referral for  any ‘elective’ surgery' such as Carpal tunnel, ganglian, general surgery?
  • Do you agree that residents who are overweight should reduce their weight before referral for routine surgery as such as varicose veins, hip, spinal surgery?
  • Do you agree that vasectomies and female sterilisation should be referred only in exceptional cases.​

Come to our workshop on 16 November, from 1330-1630 at the Gallery, Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6ND​.

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Please RSVP to Patricia Kanneh-Fitzgerald on 020 3049 9042 
Or email: GRECCG.NHSGreenwichCCG@nhs.net​​​

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