Help people stay healthy

The NHS is changing - Tell us how we can help people stay healthy

We know that the population of our borough is growing. We also know that people are living longer than they have in the past. Meanwhile medical technology continues to advance as new or improved treatments and medicines are made available to patients. This means that there is more demand than ever on NHS services, and this demand is continuing to increase. At the same time we know that the funds available to spend on health services will not be able to keep pace with this rise in demand.

NHS England has launched a national campaign ‘A Call to Action’ which is starting a national debate about how the NHS can address the challenges it faces. NHS Greenwich CCG recognises the challenges locally and has been engaging with local residents on plans to improve services outside of hospitals as part of our 3-5 year strategic plan. 

In order to continue to have a high quality health service we have to make significant changes over the next few years. We’ll be doing this by working with patients to develop more innovative ways of providing some services outside of hospitals and act to ensure the services patients use are better coordinated.

We are developing our plans further by talking to local people about how we can help people stay healthy and self-manage their heath conditions more effectively. We believe that this will reduce the strain on local health services and enable our patients to achieve better health and wellbeing.