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​Celebrating Phyllis Iwowo 


This October for Black History Month, we are celebrating Phyllis Iwowo who is 86 years-old and has worked for the NHS in Greenwich for 36 years – and is still working!

She is a general practice nurse in two different Greenwich GP practices, and won the Royal Borough of Greenwich Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Here are her views on Black History Month:

"We live in a multi-cultural and multi-racial country and it's nice to recognise the contributions people of colour have made, By making everyone aware and publicising what's happening, we're showing the other generations that we belong and we're not going anywhere.

If you go and buy flowers and put them in a vase, how many colours are there in that one bunch of flowers? By recognising and accepting each other we will make a change, and make an improvement, and together we will make something beautiful. We need to admire the fact that we are a case full of flowers of different colours."