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Position Statement on Freestyle Libre

NHS Greenwich CCG has reviewed the NHS England London Diabetes Clinical Network and NHS London Procurement Partnership's implementation guidance for FreeStyle Libre® prescribing and has approved its usage as per the details in this document from the London Clinical Network.

In line with the South East London Area Prescribing Committee (SEL APC), we are working on an implementation plan, and our current mandate is as follows:

  • Your specialist team are able to discuss starting FreeStyle Libre® under the London guidance with you. GPs are not able to start patients on this device so please do ask your specialist team about this. GPs are not able to initiate under the guidance.

  • Specialist services are responsible for providing training and support.

  • Please wait for your next routine appointment with your clinic to discuss starting FreeStyle Libre®.  Additional appointments for this may put on a strain on your local services.

  • If you are currently paying for FreeStyle Libre® yourself, this does not automatically mean you can get it on prescription. Your specialist team will discuss your eligibility with you as per the London guidance. If you do not meet the specified criteria for NHS prescriptions, you may of course still continue to self-fund this item.