Stop smoking 

You are four times more likely to quit smoking for good if you use NHS Stop Smoking Services, which is great news for your health.

Smoking can have a negative impact on your health and your bank balance. Quitting has many benefits, which include improvements to fertility, younger looking skin, better breathing, better sex and more energy.

Help with quitting

Your GP or an NHS stop smoking advisor can provide information, support, advice and medication options where indicated to help you stop smoking. If you would like help to stop smoking, speak to your GP, pharmacist or contact the Greenwich Stop Smoking Service on 0800 587 5833 or Text ‘QUIT’ to 60060 or email us at

For more information on Stop Smoking services please visit Greenwich healthy living service.

Further information

To find out more and get advice about how to quit smoking call the Smokefree helpline on 0800 022 4332.  You can also get a free quit kit by going to the NHS Smokefree website.