​​Our mission, vision and principles

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Mission statement

Our mission is to secure the best possible health and care service for the population that we serve, specifically in primary care settings and in hospitals as necessary.

Our key values

  • Putting people first
  • Being respectful of others
  • Having a shared vision and ownership (individual and collective accountability)
  • Maintaining organisational integrity
  • Always aspiring to be the best we can

Corporate objectives

  1. To commission safe, sustainable, efficient and affordable services to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the population of Greenwich and reduce health inequalities with particular focus on Prevention (Start Well, Live Well), Mental Health, Frailty and Cancer.
  2. To ensure the CCG’s position recovers to meet its financial and governance duties and performance standards;
  3. To support the  transformation of primary care to be resilient and thrive;
  4. To strengthen productive relationships with partners and the public to work as an integrated health and care system
  5. To actively engage with our communities to improve their experience of healthcare
  6. To play an active and influential role in shaping SE London and London wide commissioning.