​​Patient Reference Group

Dr Adebisi Olunloyo is the Governing Body lead GP champion for patient and public involvement and vice-chair of the PRG

Dr Greg Ussher is Greenwich CCG Governing Body champion for patient and public involvement (PPI).  

The CCG Patient Reference Group (PRG) is a committee of the Governing Body. It provides support, oversight and assurance of the CCG’s engagement and equalities activities, and oversees the CCGs work to develop and support Patient Participation Groups (PPGs).

The PRG is chaired by the lay member for Patient Public Engagement on the Governing Body and its membership includes representatives from local GP Patient Participation Groups (PPG), Public Health, Healthwatch and voluntary organisational representatives such as GrIP (Greenwich Inclusion Project).

The PRG oversees delivery of our patient and public engagement strategy. The PRG meets on a monthly basis and reports to the Governing Body regularly with minutes and highlights reports. 

Minutes from Patient Reference Group meetings are below.

Minutes December 2018.pdfMinutes December 2018
Minutes November 2018.pdfMinutes November 2018
Minutes October 2018.pdfMinutes October 2018
Minutes September 2018.pdfMinutes September 2018
Minutes of August 2018.pdfMinutes of August 2018
Minutes July Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes July Meeting 2018
Minutes June Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes June Meeting 2018
Minutes May Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes May Meeting 2018
Minutes March Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes March Meeting 2018
Minutes February Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes February Meeting 2018
Minutes January Meeting 2018.pdfMinutes January Meeting 2018
Minutes November Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes November Meeting 2017
Minutes October Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes October Meeting 2017
Minutes September Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes September Meeting 2017
Mintues August Meeting 2017.pdfMintues August Meeting 2017
Minutes  July Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes July Meeting 2017
Minutes May Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes May Meeting 2017
Minutes April Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes April Meeting 2017
Minutes March Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes March Meeting 2017
Minutes  February Meeting 2017.pdfMinutes February Meeting 2017
Minutes  December Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes December Meeting 2016
Minutes   November Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes November Meeting 2016
Minutes  October Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes October Meeting 2016
Minutes September Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes September Meeting 2016
Minutes  August Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes August Meeting 2016
Minutes   July Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes July Meeting 2016
Minutes June Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes June Meeting 2016
Minutes   April Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes April Meeting 2016
Minutes May Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes May Meeting 2016
Minutes   March Meeting 2016.pdfMinutes March Meeting 2016
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Paul has lived in the Royal borough of Greenwich for almost 40 years. Paul joined the Patent Reference Group, in addition to already being a member of his local Patient Participation Group at Plumstead Health Centre.
Lay Member and lead on patient and public participation matters
Lay Member and lead on patient and public participation matters. Dr Greg Ussher is Chief Executive of the Metro Charity, a voluntary sector organisation in Greenwich. In this role Greg has worked closely with a range of ‘hard to reach’ people and communities – including older people, younger people, people living with HIV, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  (LGBT) people and African, Asian and mixed race people. Greg is committed to addressing health inequalities for those with protected characteristics according to the Equalities Act 2010. Greg was on the Management Committee of Greenwich LINk, and for two years was Chair of LINk. In this role Greg represented the LINK on the shadow CCG, the Health and Wellbeing Partnership Group and GAVS Health and Wellbeing Forum. Greg has worked in health and social care for 20 years, has a PhD in the prevention, treatment and epidemiology of STIs and is also Chair of the National LGBT Consortium of LGBT Voluntary and Community Organisations, Chair of Outhouse East, Chair of the Kent/Medway LGBT Forum, an Executive Director of Healthwatch Medway, and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Greenwich.
Angela Burr has lived in Greenwich for 22 years, and joined the Greenwich CCG Patient Reference Group to get involved and see how she could make a difference.

Angela enjoys attending meetings and her contribution is helping to shape how people like her access services locally.

As a collective, the Patient Reference Group is able to influence decision making within the CCG. As a local resident she believes that the NHS belongs to all of us and local people should have a voice and be able to share their views about local health services and have an input in the services commissioned on their behalf.

Governing Body lead GP champion
Dr Debisi Olunloyo was elected as a GP Governing Body member in July 2018.

Dr Olunloyo has been a practising GP for over ten years.  She has worked as a GP in various surgeries across Greenwich and currently practices at Eltham Medical Practice.

Dr Olunloyo served as syndicate lead for Blackheath and Charlton before moving on to work as the Clinical Project Lead (CPL) responsible for public health.  More recently, she has been the CPL responsible for dementia.

Dr Olunloyo is the Governing Body’s lead GP for patient and public engagement, membership engagement and Live Well Greenwich.