From 2018 the CCG has been extending our networks to wider more diverse individuals and groups, in particular seldom heard communities. METRO GAVs are a valued partner who have introduced us to many organisations and individuals, and have supported discussions around how best to engage with seldom heard groups.

METRO GAVS is the community voluntary sector for Greenwich bringing together hundreds of services and organisations spanning diverse communities and interests.

The CCG has worked with METRO GAVS extensively, and our community and voluntary partners have been an integral part of developing and implementing our integrated strategy and commissioning priorities. Mental health and wellbeing is a key priority in the voluntary sector strategy launched in 2018, and this is mirrored in the CCG strategy priorities.

In 2018:

Health and Wellbeing Forum

  • We presented a session to introduce the CCG to the METRO-GAVs health and wellbeing forum, and discussions evolved around how the organisations could partner together to support outreach with seldom heard groups and communities.
  • We facilitated a workshop to de-mystify the NHS, and develop our commissioning strategy and plans with focused discussions on children and young people, and older people.
  • We developed full feedback on a line by line basis describing impact, for example the changes to plans, practice and policies which the CCG made based on discussion at the workshop sessions, and an explanation where we were not able to make changes.
  • We presented a winter campaign event and fed back on the strategy development and implementation, for which the voluntary and community sector partners played a key role. This event was our first delivered as a Greenwich-wide system, alongside public health, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Charlton Athletic Community Trust. We offered a comprehensive suite of winter messages and materials for all our communities.

BME Forum

  • We facilitated a session on mental health, and the winter campaign with representatives of organisations from Black Asian and minority ethnic communities, and fed back on the strategy development and implementation. This event was interactive and invited lively discussion around ways to engage and include seldom heard communities.

Governing Body

The CCG Governing Body welcomed a presentation from METRO GAVS on voluntary sector support for the health and social care system in Greenwich and setting out a vision for co-production, working together, extending reach and maximising prevention opportunities – another key priority in the CCG strategy.

Greenwich Charitable Trust (GCT) Fund

Greenwich Charitable Trust is an NHS Charitable Trust associated with NHS Greenwich CCG. METRO GAVS are administering the small grants programme. This year the programme will focus on services that support child and adolescent mental health and are aligned with key priority areas in the Greenwich integrated commissioning strategy.

'The Greenwich Charitable Trust is delighted to have worked with community partners to establish the Greenwich Community Fund. This fund, being administered by METROGAVS, is providing important seed funding to the local voluntary sector to address key issues in health and social care, and this year has focused on children, young people and mental health. The Fund is aligned with the priorities of Greenwich CCG, and plays an important part in ensuring that residents of Greenwich are involved in decisions about their own health and wellbeing'

Dr Greg Ussher Chair Greenwich Charitable Trust


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