​Working in partnership

We value our partnerships as the best way of working and delivering meaningful outreach and engagement. We collaborate with partners in Greenwich and beyond. Our partners guide our engagement and equalities activity, and provide independent assurance on our work programmes.  This partnership approach gives us the greatest reach to Greenwich communities, and this allows us to develop the most comprehensive plans for future services.

In 2018 we established a Greenwich system-wide communications and engagement group which has enabled coordinated campaigns and engagement opportunities throughout 2018/19. We work closely with partners across south east London, and pan-London.

Our strategy development was a process of collaboration and resulted in the first integrated commissioning strategy for Greenwich. We are committed to continually reviewing and extending our networks, to build lasting relationships and connections.

We actively strive to involve community and voluntary organisations and community partners in our work and in 2018/19 Greenwich Charitable Trust has launched a small grants funding programme.

'The Greenwich Charitable Trust is delighted to have worked with community partners to establish the Greenwich Community Fund. This fund, being administered by Dr Greg Ussher Chair Greenwich Charitable Trust, is providing important seed funding to the local voluntary sector to address key issues in health and social care, and this year has focused on children, young people and mental health. The Fund is aligned with the priorities of Greenwich CCG, and plays an important part in ensuring that residents of Greenwich are involved in decisions about their own health and wellbeing'

Dr Greg Ussher Chair Greenwich Charitable Trust

Read on for three examples of our partnership working and its impact on our plans and decision-making.