GPs in Greenwich

General Practitioners (GPs) look after the health of people in their local community and deal with a whole range of health problems.

They also provide health education, offer advice on smoking and diet, run clinics, give vaccinations and carry out simple surgical procedures.

Your local GP surgery provides a wide range of family health services, including:

GP practices – new ways of working

GP Practices are forming into Primary Care Networks (PCNs) serving the whole GP registered population of Greenwich. Within 2019/20 PCNs will develop the structures that help them to work together and our ambition is that local people as well as partners such as the community and voluntary sector will be part of ongoing conversations and plans.

PCNs are about groups of practices coming together in broader collaboration with, social care and other providers of health and social care services as well as the community and voluntary services around the needs of a local neighbourhood.  Practices in Greenwich are already  working together on extending GP access in the evenings and at weekends and in 'live well hubs' where health prevention services are provided across a number of GP practices which any Greenwich registered patient can attend.  Data sharing agreements are already in place with these services so that the health care professional seeing you has access to your medical information.


  • PCNs will bring clear benefits for general practice, primary care and patients too.
    • For patients there will be new services and more appointments through a range of easy-to-use methods, designed and delivered to improve access to services and to suit patients' needs.
    • For practices, PCNs will bring greater collaborative working, where systems and processes are always improving, and where resources are used in the best way – freeing up more time to spend on patient care. 
  • Investment will be seen by all patients no matter which practice they are registered with.
  • PCNs will provide an opportunity to employ more professionals such as pharmacists and physiotherapists and deliver better care for our patients. 
  • Working together, we can ensure great care for life
  • The voice of patients and carers is an important consideration in the way the new networks develop and provide services to its population.
  • We are fully committed to ensuring enhanced, sustainable and modern primary care for people in Greenwich, and general practice is at the heart of this approach.
  • GP practices are still independent, this is not a merger.
  •  PCNs are not a legal entity.

To find out more and get involved contact:

NHS Greenwich CCG

The Woolwich Centre

35 Wellington Street

London SE18 6 ND


Telephone:  020 3049 9000

Greenwich Primary Care Networks Map

Blackheath & Charlton

Clinical Directors - Dr Nayan Patel and Dr Ruth Marchant

Eltham Health 

Clinical Directors - Dr Debisi Olunoyo and Dr Nivethini Balasubramania

Greenwich West


Clinical Director - Dr Anuj Chaturvedi

Riverview Health

Clinical Director - Dr Ranil Perera