Self care advice​

If you have a long term condition support is available to help you look after yourself and take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Self care is about how you avoid becoming ill, treat common everyday illnesses and seek help when you need it as well as keeping fit and healthy. People with long term conditions spend on average six hours a year with healthcare professionals, the rest of the time they take care of themselves.

Learning to take care of your own health is a good thing as it puts you in control, improves your quality of life and helps you live more healthily.

Self care advice

Many common illnesses or symptoms are best treated at home with rest, or with advice from a Community Pharmacist – with no need to see a doctor or nurse.


Click here to download the self-care leaflet​​​ containing advice and information on how to treat a range of common ailments, together with tips on medicine cabinet essentials to have at home.  Our over the counter products poster​​ is also available for download.

Last year in Greenwich we spent £1.5 million on over the counter self care products. Many minor ailments can be treated at home with the support of your local pharmacy if needed. Over the counter products for self care are things like pain relief and cough and cold remedies, and these items can be bought from pharmacies and supermarkets without a prescription. They are also often cheaper this way. ​

Greenwich practices are no longer able to routinely prescribe the following over the counter products:

​​​Acne creams and washes Herbal remedies
Antifungal creams/powders Ibuprofen
Antiperspirants Indigestion remedies
Bath oils/additives Infant formula
Bites and stings treatment Laxatives
C​alpol® ​ Mouthwashes
Chloramphenicol eye drops / ointments Nappy rash creams
Cold sore treatment Nurofen®
Colic drops Pain gels/creams
Cough mixtures ​​Paracetamol
Diarrhoea treatment Sun creams
Dry skin moisturiser Threadworm tablets
Ear wax drops Throat lozenges/sprays
Gluten free foodsToothpaste
H​ayfever tablets/nasal spraysVitamins and minerals supplements
Head lice treatment

Further information

The NHS Choices website has a wealth of useful information on self care support and links to information on specific health conditions, from commonly occurring symptoms to long term conditions.